Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by World Health organisation.

Being a taxi driver you should follow these steps below to stay safe while at work.

Driving a Taxi in Thurrock could be a rewarding and a satisfying job for most of our colleagues working from the taxi ranks in Grays, Chafford Hundred & Lakeside. It gives us freedom of work, and a flexibility to fit the work around our family & friends, but most of all it enables us to meet new people everyday from all walks of life.

In the current Coronavirus outbreak, that last aspect of the job may not be as entertaining and thrilling for most of us. As Coronavirus spreads, it could be passed on from person to person at anytime anywhere in the country. It is no longer the case that the only drivers at risk of catching it will be the Airport Taxi Drivers.

You never know who you are picking up when taking a fare.


in what condition they are in, whether they are ok or they are unfortunately carrying the infection.

But our job is to make sure we provide the most friendly, safest and the most professional service at all times, right?

So how do we address the elephant in the room?

Following the advice of NHS England & Public Health England, below are some guidelines for taxi drivers/private hire licensees operating in Thurrock, to help prevent the potential transmission of Coronavirus if it becomes more prevalent in United Kingdom.

As a Taxi driver, you are encouraged to:

  • Keep Good Hygiene & not touching your face.
  • Always carry tissues with you and use them to catch sneezes and coughs.
  • Dispose of any used tissues in an appropriate place as soon as possible.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, or use hand sanitiser, gel, or a suitable liquid to clean germs.
  • Clean your car surfaces regularly with sanitising wipes or spray to get rid of any possible germs.

Please read below in detail, some of the guidelines set for us to stay safe and keep others safe.

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Avoid direct contact with other people and belongings.

It is not the easiest thing to do when your main job is to carry people around, however try to minimize the direct contact with passengers by positioning as far away as possible from them during a taxi journey. It will also help protect your passengers from catching any potential infection at the same time.

Wash Your Hands.

This is the most loudly promoted precaution to take to avoid spreading the virus by thoroughly cleaning your hands with soap or hand wash for at least 20-30 seconds regularly. When sitting in the cab all day this may not be easy to do frequently, so carry antibacterial wipes or gel with you at all times. When dealing with currency notes, always wash or wipe your hands after as this can be the most common and frequent place for an infection to spread from. Always make sure to dispose of used wipes safely.

Supply of Tissues in the Taxi.

It is also advisable to keep a supply of tissues in your taxi for your passengers and yourself. This will help minimize the risk and at the same time increase your customer confidence in you by them knowing you are on top of this.

Sneeze into your elbow & NOT YOUR HANDS.

Avoid sneezing into your hands as it increases the risk of spreading the virus as you touch multiple items or places un intentionally.

Don’t Touch Your Face.

When we are driving a taxi, it is easier for us to practice this routine as compared to someone sitting at an office desk, as it involves us following the rules and keeping our hands on the steering wheel at all times. Which in return helps us not touching our face and increasing the risk of catching the virus.

Be Friendly but Forceful.

In an unfortunate circumstance of a passenger possibly showing signs of viral infection or illness which, you suspect to be dangerous, make sure they follow the guidelines mentioned above. Provide them with cleaning products like tissues and wipes if they need it. Ask them to try and contain their coughs and sneezes. The last thing you want is catching or spreading an illness and then be out of work and putting your loved ones at risk.

Explain your concern politely but firmly to the passengers and I am sure they will understand your point as we are all aware of how widespread this Virus has become.

At last, unfortunately for people in public work space, there is no magic way of stopping the disease from spreading, but we can hope for the best by keeping to a strict guideline and follow it at all times.
Keep your family, loved ones and your livelihood safe by exercising these steps mentioned and I am sure we will all beat it soon.

Here are some useful links to follow in case you need more information. Share this with all your family and friends to make them aware that you are doing your best to keep safe.

Useful Links: